About US

A timeless, premium alternative to high street fashion, our Beneverro sandals are perfect for special occasions and stolen moments away in the sun, allowing you to break free from the constraints of the regular and mundane.

Using a combination of high-quality, carefully-sourced materials, intricate hand- crafted traditional techniques and detailed design based on the grace and charm of Mediterranean culture and history, we believe we have created something truly unique and special with Beneverro for those who want to wear something a little different.

Our Story

Our sandals are born out of the elegance and ease of the Mediterranean lifestyle, as well as forgotten past cultures and traditions. The events that led to the creation of Beneverro sandals are as intertwined with intricate detail and dedication as the shoes themselves.

Carefully hand-crafted by our team of traditionalist cobblers, Beneverro’s sandals are the serendipitous result of an Italian Summer’s day in 2013, when two friends began to experience a little discomfort from their sandals after strolling through the streets of Florence. A chance meeting with a Greek cobbler meant that they had soon swapped their aching shoes for some more comfortable, handmade sandals. Upon discovering these sandals’ timeless perfection, they longed to return once more to Florence to bring Beneverro to the world, which would share the secrets of their beautiful, comfortable, high-quality sandals. 

Eternal Style, Captured Forever

Capturing the heart and essence of the Mediterranean, our sandals draw on both bold and more natural, earthy colours, tinged with rich details of gold and silver, which echo the treasures of age-old civilizations inhabiting sun-kissed shores.

From stark, angular patterns and bold colours inspired by the classicism of Ancient Greece and Rome, to the simple elegance of a drawstring or an understated strap, there is a Beneverro sandal for everyone. Our style is the meeting point between the past and the present, the modern and the traditional, and we believe this creates something truly unique and timeless. 

A Sandal for Everyone

From stand-out pieces to everyday staples, the simultaneous simplicity and boldness in our designs create sandals that are understated and classic, yet fun and versatile for any occasion. Our sandals can be dressed up or down, worn by

day or night, and so only by choosing your personal favourite Beneverro shoe will you be able to make your own unique statement. 

Why Buy From Us?

The perfect companion for Summer getaways and warm nights, once you pick your perfect pair of Beneverro Sandals, they’ll never be far from your side, luggage case or even your feet! We believe our craftsmanship and use of premium materials is what makes people love their Beneverro’s so much.

Staying true to our values and beliefs, we take great care to ensure that each and every one of our sandals is hand-crafted using high-quality materials and traditional processes. From the very outset, our mission was to create something that could not just simply be found anywhere, and so our methods remain in line with those of the now infamous cobbler our two friends encountered in the Tuscan heartland of Italy.

With every shoe we produce, we use a premium material, vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather, to achieve the natural look, comfortable feel and timeless design that makes our signature sandals so special. A quality which, once worn, can be truly appreciated.